HousesToRent has been launched to bring some balance and competition to our industry where online advertising costs sometimes seem out of control. It is also a natural progression from our core business Tenancy Information New Zealand for landlords and for tenants.
All this synergy creates some unique advantages.

  • If you are registered with TINZ you can fast track your registration here.
  • Tenants register tenancy applications on HousesToRent which they can send to Landlords.
  • Tenancy Applications are also searchable in TINZ
  • Tenants can be tenant checked on TINZ.

More information about TINZ

  • Tenant checking. One search does it all!
  • Simultaneous searches direct through 6 databases:
    1.  T.I.N.Z. (Tenancy Information NZ) database
    2.   Ministry of Justice Tenancy Tribunal orders
    3.  The C.I.A. Debt Recovery Group Ltd 
    4.  VEDA ADVANTAGE (previously BAYCORP)
    5.  LTNZ Drivers License national database
    6.  MOJ Fines database
  • Lodge Tenant Ratings, Tenancy Tribunal Orders & 14 Day Notices online. Load & search photos of tenants
  • duplicated Tenancy Agreements and all tenancy forms.
  • Recovery of Tenancy debt.
  • Recommended trades people and services for your area.
  • Free Newsletter which goes out monthly.



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