How to configure CONSOLE GATEWAY to send your rental listings to HousetoRent

To setup HousestoRent as an Advertising service in Gateway:
  1. Register on HousesToRent from this page
  2. Contact illion Tenancy by Email or Ph 0800836268, before carrying out your first upload of listings. Ask to be assigned a username and password for the HousesToRent FTP upload site. This may be different from your illion Tenancy login.
  3. In HOUSESTORENT website add agents that are in your GATEWAY software as follows:
    • Login to HousesToRent website
    • Go to "Listing Agents" under the “Landlord” menu
    • Click on “Add Listing agent”.
    • Complete the form. Use the "Agent ID" which is assigned in your GATEWAY software as 'ImportID". Make sure there is a unique id for each listing agent in the 'Agents' screen in GATEWAY. You can use your GATEWAY login names to keep things simple. 
  4. In GATEWAY select    Tools --> Send/Receive --> Weblink Wizard.
  5. Click ‘next’ and select the format
  6. Click ‘next’ and enter the details provided to you...
           Enter the FTP Address
           Enter the Login Name (Provided by HousestoRent)
    Enter the Password (Provided by HousestoRent) 

Note: the file ID, user ID and office ID are not required for Housestorent however please enter you company name into these fields to ensure a successful upload.



Problem solving notes.

One customer had a problem where the upload said it was successful but it did not load on HousesToRent.
Answer was in the tenancy address in her Console software. She needed a comma between the suburb and city and it then successfully uploaded.





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