Houses To Rent has some unique advantages for tenants.

Each listing on HousesTo Rent  has an online Tenancy Application Form, so you are able to apply for any listing directly from that listing. At the end of the process you can option to store your Tenancy Application at TINZ website  https://www.tenant.illiontenancy.co.nz/ .
Some of the benefits..

  • Once you have an online Tenancy Application you need never fill out another one. HousesToRent can simply fetch your Application for your next house of interest.
  • Easily print off or email your Application to any Property Manager or Landlord.
  • Easily allow landlords and Property managers to search your application on TINZ... but only when you allow them to!
  • Easily update or make changes to your details any time you like.
  • Tenancy forms are downloadable and printable including Direct Debit Bank forms, Building and Housing forms and any Tenancy related form you can think of.
  • Lifetime access.


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