HousesToRent has been launched to bring some balance and competition to our industry where online advertising costs sometimes seem out of control. It is also a natural progression from our core business illion Tenancy Limited for landlords and for tenants.
All this synergy creates some unique advantages.

  • If you are registered with illion Tenancy you can fast track your registration here.
  • Tenants register tenancy applications on HousesToRent which they can send to Landlords.
  • Tenancy Applications are also searchable in illion Tenancy
  • Tenants can be tenant checked on illion Tenancy.

More information about illion Tenancy

  • Tenant checking. One search does it all!
  • Simultaneous searches direct through 6 databases:
    1.  illion Tenancy database
    2.   Ministry of Justice Tenancy Tribunal orders
    3.  The C.I.A. Debt Recovery Group Ltd 
    4.   LTNZ Drivers License national database
    5.  MOJ Fines database
  • Lodge Tenant Ratings, Tenancy Tribunal Orders & 14 Day Notices online. Load & search photos of tenants
  • duplicated Tenancy Agreements and all tenancy forms.
  • Recovery of Tenancy debt.
  • Recommended trades people and services for your area.
  • Free Newsletter which goes out monthly.



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