How to configure Palace to send your rental listings to HouseToRent

  1. Register on HousesToRent from this page
  2. Contact illion Tenancy by Email or Ph 0800836268, before carrying out your first upload of listings. Ask to be assigned a username and password for the HousesToRent FTP upload site. This may be different from your illion Tenancy login.
  3. If your listings are held by different staff, you can easily make each listing assign to the correct agent:
    • Check that you have given each agent an AGENT ID in Palace. Visit the AGENTS screen. Right click on each Agent. Select REAL ESTATE CODES then ad a code in this area. Perhaps use your Palace login names to keep things simple.
    • Login to HousesToRent website
    • Go to LISTING AGENTS under the LANDLORD menu
    • Click on ADD LISTING AGENT.
    • Complete the form. Use the AGENT ID which is assigned in your Palace software as IMPORT ID.  
  4. In Palace go to INTERNET TRANSFER ... the same location where you upload to Trademe etc
  5. Click on SETTINGS in the REAL ESTATE / CUSTOM section of the Internet Transfer form.
  6. ADD ACCOUNT' and make the name illion Tenancy and the FTP web address
  7. Put in your ftp username and password as per illion Tenancy email.
  8. Enter a " / " for the initial path
  9. Tick the "zip" box to zip the file
  10. If you wish to link a video with your listing it is an optional extra in the "Custom"  tab.
  11. Transfer as per normal.

Here is a screenshot of how your settings might look



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